And linked into a single group, the models are: 3M, 5M, 7M, 11M. Applicable to machine tools, medical equipment, inventory, equipment, miniature appliances, hair dryers, and woodworking machinery industries.

Joint group wide belt applications requiring a plurality of belt drive systems together.


1. Unique 60 ° angle, structural polyurethane material, making the belt compared to traditional high-speed operation in a small space can withstand greater loads.
2. The polyurethane mixture may be anti-abrasion, ozone and most environmental factors.
3. precision manufacturing method makes it possible to quiet operation.
The back groove design provides greater stability and flexibility.
5. Operating temperature -65 ° F to + 180 ° F (-54 ° C to + 85 ° C)
6. The joint group linked group structure to improve the stability of the wide belt strap to prevent the occurrence of rollover or detachment belt pulley.
7. Belt length: from 180MM to 2300MM, SPL expressed with towers, MT machine-specific representation