Ai Mute company specializes in manufacturing printing, paper, cartons, paper tubes, packing equipment for the transmission and conveyor belts, over the years we have been committed to providing quality industrial belts, excellent service for the printing and packaging industry, dedicated to the printing and packaging customer industries to solve the problem in the industrial belt encountered.

★ business focus
1, printing special belt: for Heidelberg, Roland, Komori, High Castle, Mitsubishi, the North such as printing presses, run the belt grinding machine, connected machine.
A, feeding the belt: common thickness of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, etc., used the width of 20 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, etc., length of 30 m, 50 m and 100 m per roll, also different specifications can be customized according to customer demand, while also providing on-site grinding and feeder services.
B, feeding belt special glue: common specifications is 15 ml bottle.
C, the main motor belt: common specifications 12PL4622,12PL4700,9PJ490 and 25PJ580 like.
D, belt: common specifications T10-840-16, S5M-390-20 and the like.
E, with speed: Common specifications 28×900,28×950 and 2926V series.
F, imports of the printing machine belt: common specifications 20mm widex34 hole, 14mm wide x35 hole, 38mm widex30 holes and the like.
H, dusting belt: common specifications 460 × 12mm and 490 × 12mm and so on.

2, folding machine belt: Common thickness 0.8mm and 1.0mm, 20mm and 50mm wide common specifications, use of tooth connector has no direction, formation of joints, etc., has been recognized by the majority of users for Heidelberg, MBO , Shanghai purple Magna, Hunan Xinshao, long Sha Aotuo, Changsha Chutian, Beijing victory Albert and other models.

3, nylon-based flat belts: Common thickness of 1mm to 6mm, suitable for the web, sheet-fed offset press feeding section and folding machine, riding linkage binding equipment and flat drive various models.

4, PVC light conveyor belt: for here in Shanghai, Rui Shima Martini, Kolbus perfect binding paperback books and other production lines, commonly used thickness 2mm, also suitable for laminating machine, laminating machine, folder gluer, multi-layer corrugated board production lines and other equipment, thickness of 1mm to 6mm.

5, perforated suction belt: nylon-based flat belt surface drilling, thickness of 1mm to 6mm, suitable for offset printing, laminating machine, polishing machine suction paper drive, such as Tianjin, Wen Long, Taiwan Wenquan wait light aircraft, Taiwan top cis, Caishun, Bi Sheng, Asia and China, Shanghai Wai and other laminating models.

6, automatic, semi-automatic folder gluer and paste me the full import of the belt:
A, head feed belts, thickness 8mm, one piece, no joints.
B, folded belt, a thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm.
C, tail PVC conveyor belt, a thickness of 1mm to 6mm.
D, belt, commonly used models 556 teeth, 4448 mm × 35 mm, plus wear-resistant rubber surface.

Taiwan Caishun applicable above the belt, along the top, Bi Sheng, financial benefits, exercise and Jin Yu, Switzerland Bobst, Haiya China, Harbin India Factory, South Fort Shenzhen Cheng Ming, Wenzhou, Dachang, Tako, Takada, Wu Tian Hongye, Knight and other gluer type.

7, imported Teflon high Wimbledon: suitable for infrared, ultraviolet UV light curing machine.

8, import PU round belt: for transmission equipment, 3mm in diameter to 18mm.

9, Cutter belt: 1.4mm thick, 60mm wide. Canada toothed bottom guide bar length according to the needs of production.

10, binding machine special belt: length 1220 mmX6.6 mm wide, the bottom surface 96 side tooth surface 144 triangular teeth. Rui Shima Martini riding linkage wire-bound with a belt tape: 3520 mm long x 30 mm wide, 277 square teeth, teeth glide strips.