Ai Mute production and processing of food conveyor belt is the use of non-toxic materials processing, non-toxic, odor-free, smooth surface for the transport of food and food ingredients and other environmental class.
Polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE) conveyor belt by a specially treated polyester composite fabric is carrying skeleton, coated polyurethane (PU) resin as a loading surface.
Polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE) in addition to general conveyor belt conveyor high tensile strength, around the song is good, thin and tough and other characteristics, oil, non-toxic health, easy to clean.

The conveyor belt is fully in line with the US FDA food hygiene standards, the conveyor belt which has good abrasion resistance and physical aging, is an ideal conveyor durable products.
Ai Mute production and processing of food conveyor belt is widely used in cookies, waffles, chocolate, Saqi Ma, candy, soft drinks, coffee, flour, instant noodles, and so the production line roll printer, sprinkle salt, cooling conveyor, turning machine, edge conveyor, wafer machines, food packaging machine, shrimp go head production line, film production line open fish, meat dividing lines, fruit transport aircraft and other equipment.
We can belt for special processing (eg by adding baffles, guide, skirts, sponges, etc.) according to customer requirements. It can be cut according to your requirements. Joints using a hot press hot-melt. Joint approach is generally seamless connection and steel buckle tooth connection.