Seamless and highly stretchable elastic band Ai Mute for business equipment production has a thickness of thin, soft, anti-deformation, wear, cold, heat, oil and anti-oxidation corrosion-resistant properties, suitable for wheel diameter is small, unregulated well species demanding commercial equipment, such as: Financial equipment, office equipment, business equipment and small appliances.
Ai Mute offers a variety of transmission and conveyor belt solutions according to different customer needs, such as printers, copiers, scanners, as well as the bank’s automatic teller machines and other research and development of various special special belt. Seamless rubber belt to meet the needs of the following characteristics: Earthquake, softness is good, the requirements apply reversing, high-speed operation and so on. Other sponge with special bars, PU belt baffle, special promotion with other more capable of tailor-made according to customer drawings processing.