Guangzhou Ai Mute Industrial Belt Co. (Aimute), headquartered in Guangzhou, China’s southern gate, since its inception in 2004, has been committed to the professional production and processing of transportation, transmission belt series, special processing belt, such as: import belt, rubber timing belt, polyurethane timing belt steel, high-speed flat sheet Jipi belt, PVC conveyor belt, high temperature Teflon belt and plenty of inventory.
       Widely used in food and soft materials processing, tobacco, electronics, textile, printing, machinery manufacturing, printing and packaging, paper processing, ceramics, marble, wood processing, automotive shell molding, cable traction, aluminum processing and other fields.
      Ai Mute has advanced production and processing equipment and experienced technical personnel, according to customer demand for a variety of processing belt, such as: the surface or the bottom of the belt plus wear-resistant rubber, PU material, baffles, guide, the skirt special processing side, sponge, high-density foam, the pattern material, as well as open the belt-shaped hole, shaped ducts. Welcome our customers to sample production and processing.

Field Service: according to customer needs, conduct on-site feeder belt, reduce downtime, eliminating the hassle of dismantling the machine, improve production efficiency.

Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Ai Mute fully committed to the application and development of the industrial belt in various industrial fields, quality products and excellent service and dedication to our customers to solve problems encountered in the industrial belt, the more hope with our expertise and dedicated service for your production career help. Please feel free to call us to discuss business!

Our aim: professional, honest, enthusiastic!